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× Why sometimes the store is called Kre-ations?×
    Because that was it's previous name and, yes, the group is still under that name.  Sometimes You will see the .::C.C. Kre-ations::. variation. Wanna know why? Well, SL has limited number of digits in stuff name...

× Can I become a Blogger of yours?×
    Well, at the moment applications are closed because I'm trying to renovate a bit the store and stuff but  make sure to keep an eye on my Flickr Profile, i will post there any blogger application! ♥

× I wrote to you and you did not answered me×
    Please, for costumer care do contact, via notecard, organxGRINDER resident or zroxxus resident.
they are my CSR and will answer to all your quetions. Before contacting them, tho, please take a look to this FAQ section, maybe the answer is already here. 

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