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Please read over the new rules carefully these will go into effect in May of 2016.  Those who do not fill this out we will assume you no longer wish to be apart.  The closing date for this application will be May 7th.

We have removed the requirement:  send notecards to the blogger manager after the month is over.
All checks will be done manually.

Please post your flickr photos here so we can see
-  Flickr Group:

Blogger Requirements:

2 Posts Per Month displaying a new and past item.

-  One Post must contain a NEW item of the current month
-  Second Post may contain any New or Past item

If that month does not contain anything for Men or related to your personal style (too much kawaiiness going around maybe >_>)

- One Post of a Past Item to substitute for that current month

Items must be seen!  If they are hiding behind something or not even visible at all in the picture and you still tag it; it will not count.  'v'

For credits have a link to the mainstore or the event the item is at in your post.  This helps the people who view your photo or blog know where to get the item.

-  ( Cubic- Cherry Mainstore SURL )

Blogger checks will be done at the end of the month or the first week of the following month.  Those who have not met those requirements will be ejected.  There will be no warnings.

You Do Not have to blog every single item that is released!
You can choose what items you want to blog that have been released from the current month for your New Item post. I know that Cubic Cherry items are quite eclectic so I will not force anyone into blogging something that it's not his/her style.  But you must still follow the following rules above to stay in the group.

Thank you everyone for your past work for Cubic Cherry.

- Onion ♥




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