NEW @ Candy fair, ROMP, origami and one word

I'm a bit late in posting this but my internet connection gave me headache lately disappearing for many days and stuff x_x
however~ ready for the news?
Many event started so we have many new releases for you!

Candy Fair 2015
This year they outdid themself with the location, it's really an awesome venue :D
for this event i made an exclusive and a gacha♥
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 {Candy Mage} scepter, original mesh. 5 different color version available. Handmade holding pose.

{NIJI} cafè gacha set, original mesh. 16 common 3 rares 50L$ x try

ROMP fair
First time for me in joining ROMP event, it was a bit of a challenge butI end up making two exclusive~
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 {Captive Beast} cross, original mesh. handmade poses (3 set)

  {Bliss} gag, original mesh.

ORIGAMI summer edition
For this summer edition of ORIGAMI i made a new gacha set along with a gift that you can get playing a game in the sim
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 {Natsu} gacha set, original mesh. 7 common 2 rares 50L$ x try

 {Natsu} daisy umbrella red GIFT

ONE WORD angel round
this round's theme is "angel" so i made some cute halos~
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  {Nai} halos, original mesh, sold in 3 different packs : gold silver and black. 
in each pack you will find both white and black winged versions.

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